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Overheating when I close the lid (sleep mode) on battery

System: Windows 10
Battery or AC: Battery
Description: Laptop overheats when on battery and I close the lid (sleep mode)
Model: Zenbook pro 14 ux480
Frequency of Occurrence: Sometimes
Reset OS: No

Hello! My new Zenbook pro 14 overheats when I close the lid and goes to sleep mode. This happens 50% of the times when the pc is on battery and sometimes drains the battery. What could be the cause? Any hint to solve this? Thanks in advance.

Zen Master I

Hi, thanks for your reply.

Very well I'll try to turn off all the background apps for a couple of days and see if it is the problem. but Asus need to solve this issues via firmware update. Otherwise it really defeat the purpose of running background apps right. If the problem still exist I might just shut down my laptop every time I'm done using it. Which is really annoying.

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If problems are created by softwares means , then we can solve by adjustment with preferred settings

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The issue still persist...
Today again the overheat problem occurred, that's why I am typing here. I do have concerns if I should or shouldn't return the laptop because they might not be able to reproduce the same behavior because it happens only sometimes. (as you can see it was 12 days since the last overheat problem, I used the laptop daily with no problem except the one I discuss underneath)
I do have some other problems though. Sometimes my laptop won't charge.. (it's showing that it's charging but it's not), I tried reinstalling the battery drivers but it won't help. Only way which helped was restarting the laptop several times and on the 5th time it worked. (this happened like 4 days ago for the 3rd time or so.) When I ran the MyAsus hardware diagnostics it showed problems with adapter.. After restart everything was fine.
I will probably post this to some other discussion as well.

In sleep mode also laptop harddisk and cpu works background,.

also I suspect many applications are running background in battery power.

I don't have your model laptop , but try disable background running applications and see . reply to me

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I will also try to do that and let you know if the issue occur again. After that I will contact the asus help center. New laptop shouldn't behave that way.

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Halis Mert
  1. System: Windows 10 Home version 2004 (OS build 19041.488)
  2. Battery or AC: Both Normal
  3. Model: Asus Zenbook Flip UX461UA
  4. Frequency of occurrence: Always
  5. Reset OS: Done. Clean Install Windows 10 from version 2004 to 1909 then 1903 and now back to 2004.
  6. BIOS: BIOS Mode UEFI Version 318 dated 8/2/2019
  7. Processor: Intel Core i7-8550U


Detailed description:


I bought my laptop Asus Zenbook flip UX461UA in 2018 and back then dont have any issues with my laptop. Since last month, when I upgrade few things, like Windows version 2004, Intel Drivers, etc. my laptop start has an issue it can not wake up from sleep mode until now.

During sleep mode, LED power still blinking, monitor display black not turn on, sometimes having overheating because I can hear laptop still working, then I tried move my track pad, press keyboard button and no result to wake up from sleep mode. What I do every time happen, just do force shut down, hold power button for 10 seconds and turn on it back (restart).

Just read from internet, this issue frequently occured from windows 10 version 2004 therefore I had perform clean install windows 10 from version 2004 back to 1909 but issue still persist. Then I tried clean install to 1903 just to make sure might be earlier version more stable since previously I dont have any problem earlier version of windows but sleep mode still cant wake up. So, I dont think issue from OS.

I've updated patch from Asus support for all drivers including BIOS I'm using now version 318 dated 8/2/2019 (latest update until today from ASUS website) result still the same.

I've updated as well Intel drivers using Intel Driver & Support Assistant tools to makes sure everything well updated to latest version, latest update driver for display Intel UHD Graphics 620 Version dated 8/5/2020. Still issue occured.

What makes me upset, previously I dont have any issue with this sleep mode for more than a year since I bought my laptop, suddenly i got this. After what i read from internet and tried many things from youtube, most likely the issue in drivers from vendors (ASUS) especially BIOS from Asus update and maybe Intel drivers as well.

If you guys, have any solutions on this, please do let me know, I believe many users outside there having some problems like this as well. Meanwhile, maybe just turn off sleep mode, until ASUS or others make new patch drivers.

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i donr have your model , for basic knowledge , download intel csme detection tool from intel , and then execute .exe file
post the screenshot
my laptop running windows v2004 enterprise build no 19042.508, all sleep modes works fine with waking ,
if Green colour comes , processor is fully safe , if red colour comes means , you need to flash the firmware

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I have the same issue, but what I have noticed is that it only happens when I have USB attachments plugged in (mouse, keyboard). I am assuming it has to do something with the laptop being semi-asleep/semi-awake due to these input devices. Sort of in a coma...

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