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Laptop CPU fan does not stop

System: windows 10 Home 64
Battery or AC: both
Model: UM433I
Frequency of occurrence: constant
Reset OS: no
Screenshot or video: n/a
Detailed description: Regardless of the CPU usage (e.g. 5%-15%), the fan is running constantly and loudly. Even if I select the whisper mode from MyAsus, there is no effect. The room temperature is moderate (no more than 22-23C) and I am running only browsers, mail and office programs. There was a stop of the fan for c. 5-10 seconds and they it is back on.
I bought the zenbook a few days ago and I think I have the latest BIOS (301) as of Oct 2020 and I have not changed any options there.
Please help, as the fan noise is really disturbing my work!!!😕
Thank you in advance.


Community Legend II
Hello nikolay,
May I have a record of the situation?
Thank you.

Hello Blake,
Frankly I do not know what this record is - do you need some additional information? Please let me know what I should provide.
Thank you.

Community Legend II
Hello nikolay,
I mean a video record of the issue, since sound is something we can't see through words.
Thank you.

I think I found a solution - a local service guy suggested that I update the BIOS from the BIOS with the EZ Flash utility (and a flash drive) and not from Windows.
This immediately stopped the fan and now everything seems normal.