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How to rollback bios version of Asus zenbook pro duo ux581 ? ( Solved )

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System: Windows 10 Home
Model: Asus zenbook Pro duo ux581GV - i9-9980hk
Frequency of occurrence: Always
Reset OS: no
Screenshot or video:
Detailed description:

After i updated the bios to latest version ( 307 ) I found out it loses the capability to offset the CPU voltage !!!! that 's a huge backward of this bios for core i9-i9-9980hk user that really need to under-volt CPU for prevent Thermal throttling so i need to stick with bios 305 version instead .
Does anyone have the idea to do that ?
I have tried so many method following youtube advice , it worked after i downgrade to 305 at the first time only . After i restart the window , it alway keeps updating my bios to 307 all the times.
Appreciate any advice please .


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Download the 305 image into a FAT32 flash drive.
Rollback or manual update the System Firmware driver from [4/17/2020] back to [12/16/2019] in Device Manager. You must do this or else 307 gets flashed all over again by OS.

Reboot into BIOS and flash.

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BTW, I'm curious to know how far down did you manage to get your voltage offset on your particular CPU?

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Updated result " Its WORK " you save me the day 🙂

Thanks for you advice 🙂 will try it today .
My stable voltage is -0.105V and limit the TDP not over 60W . The result is pretty good at 4.4Ghz and temp not over 85c .

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Pretty close to mine. I initially settled at -0.125v but it was only 99% stable and now have since settled at -0.110v instead, 100% stable.
I do not touch the TDP, because the turbo fan mode will override it. Instead I adjust my SpeedShift curve (aka Energy Performance Profile in Windows) to achieve similar result as yours but that's mainly because of my specific system usage I don't want the CPU to turbo too much when on light to medium load and only hit max turbo when rendering. For that I hacked the Windows Battery Power Mode slider to change the SpeedShift curve to my specified values on demand.
BTW, even if you could successfully limit the TDP to 60W I think it might not be enough to sustain a full load on 7 cores (unless you overclocked your multiplier too?) at 4.4 GHz. You'll most likely hit EDP limit first and power throttle instead. The Pro Duo in Turbo fan mode is set to 70W TDP (non turbo is 45W) and even that I always end up hitting the EDP limit on full load on all cores after the initial 28 seconds turbo. That is something we cannot get past because it's controlled by the motherboard VRM, or the AC adaptor simply cannot pump out so much power for very long.