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System: Windows 64
Battery or AC:
Model: Asus Zenbook UX430UN
Frequency of occurrence: 5-7 days
Reset OS:
Screenshot or video:
Detailed description:I have 2 laptops, and both of them have the same issues when connecting external neww 22 inch Dell monitor using HDMI to USB-C port cable. That mean that sometimes I can connect to monitor with no issues for 5-8 days, and then for 2-3 days it doesnt work, and after few days it starts working again.
Interesting thing is that this issue appears on both laptop on the same days. Occasionally after few minutes of plugging and unplugging cable from laptop, I make it working on one laptop, or on other laptop it works initially for few minutes and then it stop working for the rest of the day.
Another issue is that on the occasions when laptop doesnt recognizes monitor, that is when I plug cable to laptop's USB-C, immediately the mouse cursor disappears, and several weeks ago also my desktop background automatically changed color to black. However now automatic change of desktop color is no occurring anymore. But still issues with mouse cursor. Only way to see cursor again is to restart system or briefly press power button, screen goes black, I press any button and it shows OS log in screen, I press button again and Im back into desktop and mouse cursor is visible again.
Also when mouse cursor disappears, I can still control desktop I can see that when Im hovering over icons or links they are "highlighted/selected", I can click on the mouse button and I can execute them, so that mean that mouse cursor is on the screen but its not visible. It looks like as if I am controlling those desktop button on touch screen.
Also when HDMI end of cable is not plugged into screen, and I connect USB-C end to laptop, no issue, mouse cursor is visible but soon as I plug other end of cable into monitor, mouse cursor disappears and monitor is not recognized. I have updated drivers from Asus website.


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Hello Peter,
the type C port is exporting DisplayPort signal, and you connect it to a HDMI monitor directly, it required quite specific cable to work stably, and compatibility is an issue too.
May you double check on this?
Thank you.

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I dont think this should an issue. If cable is not compatible then it would never work and it used to work most of the time. Also Im using Mac Pro with the same cable from USB -C and no issues.