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HDMI not working (recognized but no image) on UX580GD

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System: Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit - Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit
Battery or AC: Both
Model: ZenBook Pro UX580GD
Frequency of occurrence: Always
Reset OS: Yes
Screenshot or video:
Detailed description:
Since i bought(05/2019) it i have never plugded in an HDMI monitor
Last summer i tried and never worked on HDMI port. Only on USB-C with adapet. I realised that HDMI runs on Nvidia and USB-C on Intel UHD Graphics. The monitor is recognised and appears on Display settings but not working.
I reinstalled windows 10, reinstalled again on 11, downloaded drivers from model support site and Nvidia but nothing changed.
The laptop runs on the last BIOS

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Hi there,
Which monitor did you connect to? can I have the brand and model?
Thank you.