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extra symbols on keyboard of new zenbook 13

System: Windows 10
Battery or AC:
Model: UX331FA-DB71
Frequency of occurrence: constant
Reset OS:
Screenshot or video:
Detailed description:The keyboard of my zenbook 13 has many keys with 4 or more characters on them. It is easy and obvious how to use many of them (hit the key, or hit the SHIFT + key), but I cannot seem to find how to access the other characters on the keys. For example, the zero number key has a parentheses ) as well as the 0, but also has the fraction 1/4 on the key. What keystrokes are used to access all these other symbols? I've tried all the obvious Alt, Ctrl, Shift, Alt Car, etc options.

Rising Star I
Hi @woodhurstderek please check your inbox, thanks!