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Cracking sound/Intermittent sound in bluetooth speaker (Bose Soundlink mini)

Star I
System: Windows 10
Battery or AC: AC
Description: Laptop
Model: Zenbook UX433fn
Frequency of Occurrence: Always
Reset OS: Yes

I just bought the laptop Zenbook ux433fn and after succesfully connecting my bluetooth speaker (Bose soundlink mini), I can hear cracking sound/intermittent sound....its like it has radio interference or something. Also, sound would only work when it is near the laptop, around 3 inches maximum, if put it farther, sound is lost and eventually disconnects. Tried to update the bluetooth drivers by windows and asus global site, but still the same. Tried to reconnect/reset bluetooth of laptop and also the device, still same problem. I have tried to reset also the laptop to factory settings, but still the same. Pls advise, I feel very bad about this brand new laptop, because I can use this bluetooth speakers in my phone and my old laptop without any issues but in this new Zenbook it just gives me sleepless nights configuring it. Im also planning to flash the BIOS, maybe it will work....but please advise me first before I do that last resort. HELPPP!

Zen Master I
try with any other Bluetooth speakers. we cant test particular speakers. If the sound comes from built-in speakers are good means then problems in either external Bluetooth speakers or incompatible Bluetooth device

Community Legend II
Hello deoman, May I know if not connect to blue tooth speaker, only use the laptop speaker or plug in earphone, is the sound fine? Also, do you have other blue tooth device to try how long is the maximum connection distance? Thank you for messaging us. Have a nice day.