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ASUS ZenBook UX534 would like to connect 2 external mnitors, How?

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Would like to add another external monitor to my Zenbook UX534 and would like to know how to extend this and not mirror the other display. Just to clarify i want to have 2 external monitors.

Community Legend II
Hi there,
If you have screenpad, then all the USB ports do not support display export.
Thank you.

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I do have the screenpad, so from what you are saying i can only connect 1 external monitor.

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Can i just clarify is there a way of me connecting 2 external monitors that extend rather than mirror.
If there is can some one let me know how please.

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Hi @johnhenry,
You could try an USB to HDMI connector or a USB dock with video output features.
I have an assembly with two monitors plus the laptop monitor and screenpad+, so 4 monitors in total.
One of the monitors connects directly to HDMi out from laptop and the other connects to an USB dock that has HDMI output...
Don't know if it'll work though, but perhaps you could get one of those docks to trial.