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X512DA backlight keyboard

System: win 10 64bit
Battery or AC:
Model: X512DA
Frequency of occurrence:
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Hello all,
i have to rewrite my last theme, because it is lost after change the title.
Last week i bought a laptop Vivobook X512DA. The sellers, here in Asuncion in Paraguay, told me, this laptop has a "backlit keyboard". In the user manual, i see it is "optional" and i can switch it on with F7 key.
The F7-key have no keyboard symbol and i find no way to activate the backlight. All other is working well until today.
I have read a similar question here and give you the serial number for check.
SN: L9N0CV112025385
If this device have no backlight for the keyboard (i need it), what can i do? Is it possible to install it? For 3 month, because of the shop warranty, i can't open the device.
ps: my normal language is german, but in this ZenTalk forum there don't exist a loptop community.
many greetings, willi
Asuncion, Paraguay

Community Legend II
Hello Willi,
I'm sorry that your device does not have keyboard backight.
It can not be changed since it's the it's the hardware design.
Thank you.

Dear @Blake_ASUS , eventually later, after 3 month warranty, if i change some parts of the keyboard? Or is something else outside of the keyboard?
Independent, I have to ask in the computer shop.

Community Legend II
Hello Willi,
Sorry, I'm confused, your laptop is having 1 year warranty and it's not expired yet.
There is a lot to adjust for keyboard backlight, first you need the hardware, then you need to adjust all the software so you can really use and control it.
It is not very easy and very difficult if you don't have them in the fist place.
Thank you.

Dear @Blake_ASUS, yes, i know, something can be difficult.
to warranty: 3 month give the shop. Asus or a service point from Asus in Paraguay maybe 1 year, i don't know. Here in Paraguay don't like the shops the warranty.
Keyboard hw: What i have to change that the leds are functional? Or maybe, all keyboards have installed the leds?
Keyboard sw: I have found some tips to install the ATK Package, then it should work. I tried it (V100061 3.9.2019), but it is not working. The service is not running? Maybe, i used the wrong package or any software block the hotkey driver to run?
But it is clear, if the leds are not installed, the software can do nothing. And, in the production lines, all companies use the same elements, if it is possible. I don't understand, why Asus make the keyboard backlight "optional"? This create more demands then they can save. Maybe, it is only a marketing argument.
This laptop have a silver color and very small dark grafic structure. Only with a good light i can see the labeling.
Maybe, you can ask in your environment, what i have to do to get the keyboard backlights working. I would be very thankful for your help.
many greetings, willi
Asuncion, Paraguay