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Windows 11 64bit 21H2 updates from build no 22000.258 to 22000.675

Zen Master I
System: Windows 11 64bit 21H2
Battery or AC: Both
Model: All Windows 11 OS Supported Notebooks
Frequency of occurrence: Nil
Reset OS: Nil
Screenshot or video: No
Detailed description:
In this post, I am giving the direct downloading links for windows 11 64bit OS updates. Build no from 22000.258 to 22000.675 including preview updates
October 12, 2021—KB5006674 (OS Build 22000.258)

October 21, 2021—KB5006746 (OS Build 22000.282) Preview

November 22, 2021—KB5007262 (OS Build 22000.348) Preview

December 14, 2021—KB5008215 (OS Build 22000.376)

January 11, 2022—KB5009566 (OS Build 22000.434)

January 17, 2022—KB5010795 (OS Build 22000.438) Out-of-band

January 25, 2022—KB5008353 (OS Build 22000.469) Preview

February 8, 2022—KB5010386 (OS Build 22000.493)

February 15, 2022—KB5010414 (OS Build 22000.527) Preview

March 8, 2022—KB5011493 (OS Build 22000.556)

March 28, 2022—KB5011563 (OS Build 22000.593) Preview

April 12, 2022—KB5012592 (OS Build 22000.613)

May 10, 2022—KB5013943 (OS Build 22000.675)

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Rising Star I
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