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Power problems with my laptop

Star I

Hello every one , i have a problem i tried to fix , searching on the internet but didn't find any answers , maybe someone could help me ,  so here's the problem , i have an old Asus k55vm or (Asus k55v) , when my laptop wake's up after  sleep mode ( when you don't touch it for a while it goes to sleep mode)  it stops to charging , basically it showing like the cable is not plugged in,but every thing is plugged in  , all the indicators lights are glowing , after i restart my laptop it start to work again like normal , sometime's restarting my laptop doesn't help , then i try to plug in and out all the power cables which sometime's helps too sometimes doesn't , does any one know what could be the problem ? 



To rule out whether the issue you reported is caused by a system malfunction, we suggest backing up your data and restoring the system to confirm.
[Windows 11/10] How to Reset (Reinstall) the Operating System

Sorry for any inconvenience it may be caused.