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does my n750jv laptop has tpm module in it?

i now it’s a very old laptop, but i’m still interested. also there’s no tpm options in UEFI

Zen Master I
I dont have your model laptop. but you can find TPM module in three ways
under device manager, see security processor, you can see ""Trusted Platform Module 2.0""
If windows os is booted in UEFI mode, type device security in search box , execute it , then go to security processor,
type tpm.msc in search box, execute it , you see tpm is active.

As per my knowledge, every intel core mobile processor has TPM 2.0 or 1.2 has embedded in processors .so the processor is called SOC.
Also, all latest intel chipset based desktop motherboard has embedded TPM 2.0 chip. so that you can find trusted platform module settings on bios.


which intel processor comes with your laptop, processor model number and generation number

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intel core i7-4700hq