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PUBG graphics issue

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Model: ZS600KL
Firmware/APP Version: WW_ZS600KL_15.1630.1903.89_0
Frequency of Occurrence: all the time
Rooted: No
APP Name:

Hello sir, I recieved my phone yesterday for some reasons i cant play pubg mobile on HDR or HD graphics even in lowest settings its lag i reinstalled pubg 3 times with clearing data and my network is totally fine because i tried pubg on my iphone x which is working fine on same network plz fix this because i bought this only for pubg and i also tried asphalt 9 which is working great.

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I myself have uploaded a video on YouTube CyberPunk2302 is my channel. You can see that the game was kinda okay initially there were still lags. But it's worst now. I do not remember what firmware version it was. I feel like I've wasted money on this phone. Although there game itself has problems that doesn't rule out the problem with phone being worst than other phones with SD845.

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Also, reducing the refresh rate to 60 hz kinda helped initially. But what's the use of buying a phone with 90hz then?

Hi azizthaheem27,

Thank you for reaching out.

Please tell me your PUBG app version. (Tap and hold PUBG app > app info > version.)

Does the lag issue appear during any specific moves or actions in the game? How long after starting the game does it appear?

Are you connected to WiFi or 4G?

If the problem still appears, please show us a short video of the problem if possible.

To share videos, please upload it to ASUS WebStorage ( and share the link with us.

Thank you :)
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I bought the rog phone 2 a few months back. And i really regret my decision. I should have gone for one plus 7t. The frame drops are tremendous. The game sticks sometimes. Frame drops can be as low as 22 fps which is absolutely ridiculous, you cant even move. Being a hardcore gamer i bought this phone and now regretting every bit of it. What the fuck is the point of having 120 htz display when you cant run a 60 fps game. I feel like throwing 38k away. Asus is doing a very horific job in here. I should have gone for the one plus man.

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The only problem it's the FPS my friend , you run onn 30 FPS on HD , that's why I recommend you PUBG Gfx tool to solve this problem , or search on YouTube how to unlock 90 FPS with hex editor .