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List of Complains after using 3 months

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After three months of use i am frustrated with this phone . It did not deliver the value i paid for it .This overpriced piece of garbage does not live up to the name of Republic of Gamers .The only silver lining are the air triggers . But that does make up for the dissapointment that is the ROG Phone .Thinking of selling at this point . Here are my list of complaints -Mediocre camera -ASUS official cover which i bought for 80$ with the phone was a joke . It offers no protection on the sides -Its halfway into March . New android version announced . Yet this did not recieve the android pie update . Despite being the highest priced smartphone ASUS had to offer -Nothing much significant on the software side . Not even a built in 2nd theme . And dont tell me to download the crap on the store -What the hell is this slow charging after 80% . Get me to 100% will you -Front Camera is awful -This phone is specially vulnerable to dents and scratches due to the awkward design on the sides -Dirt gets trapped easily around the sides ( side of phone and back cover specially around the copper cooling area on the back cover ) I have never expeeienced this on any other phone -Annoying software issues are faced on a daily basis -So many bugs to be fixed . Yet New updates bring in more annoying issues than previously faced -Where the hell is any update for this ?

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Zunkey posted on 2019/3/18 10:47 AI charging has a skip once option at 80% when you click it's notification After three months how h ...
No zunkey There are third party covers which to cover the sides but not the air triggers . The most important job a cover does is protect the sides after all

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i love this phone, but yet the cases have too many openings for dirt, that true. But nothing a wipe cant solve. I dont think its a big deal. I never had a phone which was completely dirt/lint free. As for PIE, its not an ASUS thing, lots of phone brands are not getting theirs updated either. The main Camera is fine, I hardly use the selfie cam anyway.