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Bluetooth doesn't work well with rog strix fusion 700

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Model: ZS600KL
Firmware/APP Version: Latest firmware
Frequency of Occurrence: every time I use both
Rooted: No
APP Name:

Hello ! So when I bought the ROG phone I thought why not get a Wireless ROG Headset to match with it and so I did get a ROG STRIX Fusion 700 on amazon. The problem is that whenever I pair them up sometimes the sound just turns off completely and so I can't listen to music, take calls or go on netflix... It seems that it happens when the mobile network has some fluctuations (like going from 4G+ to 4G or else ) and I could understand it with calls but with music that is saved on the phone not really or even games that doesn't need for me to use mobile Data, still no sound ... I tested it at all stages of battery charge on the phone and Headset but nothing changes at all.... I go to work in about an hour and a half, 15minutes walking to the train station = no sound at all, waiting for the train ? still no sound. I get some sound after 10 minutes in the train and it goes back off as soon as I get into the subway/underground... The funny part ? both devices are bluetooth paired and less than 1 meter away from one another....

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Hey. Does the headset need any other apps to function? Like creative's error generator?  If so you need to eneble said app to work with asus's battery saver app killer shit.

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Last edited by SZENTI on 2019/10/7 15:06 Also try changing this.  I have attached a screenie. Picking 1.4 fixes car Bluetooth isses sticking to 1.6 usually most new headset issues.

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If your car bt thingi is old xD 1.3 to go xD