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Which ROG Phone design is your favorite?

Idk where to post this. So I think I will post it here. Hope this is the right placeOut of curiosity and since Asus already release ROG phone up to ROG phone 8 now. I'm wondering which is your top 3 favorite ROG Phone in term of the phone design?As f...

Asus ROG Phone 1 bootloader unlock

I recently purchased this smartphone and it no longer supports bootloader unlocking.What should I do?

rtx4d by Star I
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outdated android version rog phone 1

Hello, I've been using ASUS ROG1 and I want to play Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile so bad, It pass the Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile's requirements it has Adreno 630, Snapdragon 845, 8gb of Ram, 128gb of Rom, but sadly the ASUS ROG1 Android Version didn...

Jape_12 by Star I
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Resolved! Regarding Asus ROG phone update

EnglishOptionsHi!I am sending this message with a very high hope. Although I would totally understand if you all are busy but I truly hope that either one of you experts see this. My name's Yash. I have an ASUS ROG PHONE, the first one and I want to ...

Yash04_1-1710998677569.jpeg Yash04_2-1710998677690.jpeg
Yash04 by Star I
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Unlock Bootloader

Hi my zs600kl got data corrupted and right now in need of oem unlock tool to data recover part of important files in it but i heard they wont be maintaining support for older models are there any way to unlock bootloader?

Roxxe3 by Star III
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change password

Tried to log into my account that Ive had for some years. My password had 7 integers, it now requires 8. Went to login in with my gmail account, that went through, however when choosing my password, i used 12 integers, uppercase, lower case, numbers ...

Does ROG Phone Kunai work with Nvidia Gamestream?

Moonlight & Nvidia Gamestream basically let you stream games from your PC to your phone via the local network. I have tested it with a random Android phone and a PS5 controller connected to my phone. It worked nicely; I can play games on my PC from a...

tatum by Star I
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Asus rog phone 1 twinview dock

Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:Model Name:ASUS_Z01QD ROG Phone 1Firmware Version: WW_ZS600KL_16.0420.2009.39_0Frequency of Occurrence:========================================When I plug my rog phone 1 into the TwinView d...

Dareko by Star I
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System Update impossible on ASUS ROG PHONE 1

Hello, I have an ASUS ROG PHONE 1 model : ASUS_Z01QD currently running on android 8.1.0 on firmware build OPM1.171019.026.WW_Phone-15.1630.1903.89The system updates are not downloaded and deployed automatically so I wanted to do it manually. I tried ...