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Unexpected reboot

For the past one week or so, my ROG Phone 2 restarted itself 2 times. I didn't install any new application and the use is the same as always. Do you have any idea what is going on?
Thanks a lot!

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Same mine is freezing sunddnly and restart alone..
No idea why but its frustrating especially if you're in middle of a game or something..

Sometimes it even restart more then 1 time back to back for no reason at all

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I've sent you a PM with instructions (envelope icon in top right corner).


I've sent you a PM with instructions (envelope icon in top right corner).

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Thank you and I've seen your message. One little problem, I can't replicate it because it doesn't happen every time I do a certain thing. It happend 2 times in the last few days, once opening instagram and a few moments ago opening whatsapp. But as I said, I could open them 100 times and not rebooting, and happening 101th time. It's strange.
Thank you

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Hello, it happened even for me once or twice I don't remember exactly but once it restarts there will be a notification from FOTA service that their is a new update patch available to download. May be it is because of that I guess.