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Split screen mode on ROG phone 2

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Dear Asus team,
I ran into problem when using split screen function as I can only use navigation back button to control the secondary app. I can not use the navigation back button to use on primary app (as in the app displayed on top of the screen). I tried tapping the primary app first then using the "back" button, but it still ended up controlling the secondary app (at the bottom on the screen). My phone is running the latest firmware as of today.

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That's how it works but we have received feedback that we should have a quick button for switching the top and bottom app. A good suggestion that might see the light of day when there's time to implement it.

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Thanks for the reply!
Does it mean that if I opened Google Chrome on top as primary app, I'll have no control of going back my previous webpage at all?
I'm using gesture navigation and whenever I'm using split screen function, the gesture navigation seems to be disabled and the usual navigation button will be displayed. Is it the reason why I can not control the primary app using the navigation buttons at the bottom?

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With the latest updates from Asus, my problem with the split screen has been fixed.