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Sound delay while recording

Star II
Whenever I try to record pubg gameplay there's a noticeable sound delay which is definitely not headphones delay. And you cant notice that delay in recorded video.

Community Legend III
We're aware of this and are looking in to it. In the meantime it would be helpful if you could compare with a third party screen recorder and share your results.

Rising Star I
It's a real time audio delay in headphones while started recording. Little bit delay ,You have to experience it to find the problem. Start playing pubg (Not only pubg every game) without screen recording and fire some shots using gun and notice the sound. Next start the screen recorder and fire some shots using gun, you can feel the delay. It's only a real time delay. No sound delay in recorded video (No problem) . Third party app doesn't have that kind of issue but third party app doesn't support the internal audio recording options. So its very important to fix it faster. @Gustav_ASUS @Anders_ASUS

Star I
@Gustav_ASUS @anagani64 Same issue in free fire game also
.. after record video is fine... But when recording time sound delay... Its Little bit hard mainly when i fire after 1sec i getting sound....

Community Legend III
This is a limitation in the built-in screen recorder. I would suggest you look for a third party alternative which can record internal audio, such as this one, and see if you experience any delay: