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Savior of rog 2

Zen Master I
Just wanna let you guys know that Qualcomm is working on a gpu inspection tool for their adreno gpu which helps the developers make optimizations and this can achieve massive boost in performance and great battery life. Please refer to the screenshot below for info

With the help of feedback given by game developers. Qualcomm pushes quarterly gpu driver updates to thier flagship chipsets.if this tool was able to create 40 less utilisation in gpu of pixel 4 which gave tremendous optimised faster frame rates and longer battery life,just imagine what wonders it can do to rog 2 with our features like armoury crate .but this is only available for pixel 4 and galaxy s10 phones,now it is the responsibility of @Anders_ASUS ,@LP_ASUS,@CH_ASUS to make sure Asus talks to qualcomm and get these updates to Rog 2 ASAP

Star III
#asus won't respond.
U know what there is a severe issue of fram drop happening in all the games.
Even in low graphic settings.
Asus is not responding
Scammed by asus