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ROG Phone II Tips & Tricks

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This thread will teach you more about those good to know ROG Phone II features. Both in hardware and in ASUS ZenUI (Pie) that are easy to miss. Advanced users may already know some of these tips & tricks but we bet there’s something for everyone. Our goal is to continuously find more things to share with you and we encourage everyone to help us with this list by telling us about your own discoveries. Don't be shy 😉
Disable animation for Armoury Crate and Game Genie


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ROG2 has to provide classic ambient display feature same as oneplus does also need to speed up the indisplay fingerprint sensor.
Sometimes my Rog 2 home screen stops responding as soon as I unlock my phone to over come from this again i need to lock my screen.
Pls add assistive touch feature in ROG 2.
Is their any option to disable vibration for fingerprint sensor? If any one can answer this then pls do.

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I have been facing issues with camera is there anything that can fix camera (blurring of face) issue

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I think camera app needs an update and post processing can be improved by Asus because for me also potrait mode doesn't works properly some times the camera miss to blur all backgrounds of the subject.

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Hello friends

My English is bad I'm sorry

I'm playing mobile pubg asus rog 12/512 global model and when I see the enemy in the game fps 30 40 screen freezing doing the game starts 60 fps single circulate 60 fps but the enemy there is soon 30 fps

How many fps is your game size?

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هل وصل تحديث جهاز روج فون 2

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Printed out this dual shock 4 phone mount the other day. ROG phone fits absolutely perfect in this mount.
Here is the link for the mount if you want to print it yourself: