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ROG Phone 2 Tencent version overheating

Star I
Hi, I bought Tencent version of the ROG phone 2 on last November. It has been performing awesome without any problems till recently. While I'm playing PUBG Mobile and streaming my game to youtube it gets very hot and then the phone shuts completely off without warning. the highest temperatures I could see before shut down is 57°C on the GPU and 53°C on the CPU. The phone also recently started to switch off by itself sometimes while it's charging. Does any one else have this problem. I attached a screenshot of my device model and OS version. can a update fix this?

Community Legend I
Unfortunately, this configuration is not supported, so you will not see any updates to address the issue. The phone also does not have warranty support outside of China. More info on why can be found here.
The best you can do is try to keep the ambient temperature as low as possible, and constantly run the Aero Active cooler when using the phone.