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Rog phone 2 shutting down / twinview dock getting absurdly low fps

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Greetings everyone,
My rog phone 2 is having some issues with and without the twinview dock.
I even recorded a video I will link below.
My phone has been shutting down by itself (a known issue) by itself or suddenly getting a black screen and after 30 seconds or so, i can get to turn on the screen again.
With the dock it's worse. I've been getting shutdowns as with the phone alone as I also have been getting the following:
Black screen on the phone while connected to the dock, when this happens, the fps on the dock screen gets so low it unplayable and unusable.
And I sometimes get a full shutdown on phone and dock. Both of these things happen while charging or not, seems to happen more when charging.
These issues happen around 10 times a day. It's very annoying considering this should be a top game phone.
I have factory reset, no solution. Tried downgrading to a9, but I'd lost the twindock, since once you update it's firmware it's no longer usable in Android 9.
Below is the video of the moment when the phone screens shut down and the dock gets very laggy. Hope someone can help with these issues. Thanks for reading!


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@joexkurtz I'm sending you instructions via PM on how to log your device.

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Log sent, hoping for a fix quick...

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You need to dispute this with your bank. See my thread on their RMA service, I went through something very similar. DO NOT SEND IN THE PHONE FOR REPAIR, THEY WILL SAY ITS OUT OF WARRANTY AND THAT YOU CAUSED THE DAMAGE. THEY WILL SEND YOU A BILL TO PAY FOR THE REPAIR OR THEY WILL SEND YOU THE PHONE DISASSEMBLED (they won't put the phone back together if you don't pay).
Call you bank and make a claim on the charge, tell them the hardware is defective and based on what you've seen in the forums it is pointless to send it in. Tell your bank the money you get back from the claim will go back into ordering a new phone since ASUS refuses to give replacements.
I disputed this with my bank and got my money back, this was after I purchased the phone over 8 months ago. Unfortunately, I decided to go back to Samsung, because as much as I love the ROG 2 phone I can't support a cheat company. I may get the ROG 3 after a year, but I don't know.

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@joexkurtz I'm sending you instructions via PM on how to log your device.

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Is it possible to downgrade or make twinview dock work once again with android 9? I read that once you update to 10, it's no usable anymore... Since these issues began with a10, maybe it would be solved going back to 9