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ROG Phone 2 Charging light on while its not charging

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Hello All
Sadly today my ROG phone II stopped charging the phone , I was playing PUBG while my phone was being charged through the fan extension while it stopped charging suddenly at 80% percent and started decreasing the battery %.
I disconnected the charging cable but the phone screen top corner shows its still charging , i then restarted the phone , but the screen and the LED both showed the phone is still charging at this moment the phone is disconnected from all accessories including the charging port. But it still shows charging LED on .
I have performed the reboot , hard reboot . Shutdown ,changed charging cable , the problem remains the same . The phone shows its still charging but its draining the battery slowly.
I turned off the phone , and tried charding the phone with a new cable , still the same problem.

Can anyone help ?
Phone is 4 moths old only.

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If you have already factory reset the phone with no improvement, then you will need to contact an ASUS repair center for a hardware repair.