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Rog Phone 2 Camera video gets freeze

Camera gets freeze while shooting video.

Model Name: Rog Phone 2
Firmware Version: Android 10/ build no 17.0240.2007.27

Community Legend III
@nikhil.shriwastav Can you share some more details about your camera settings at the time of recording?
As for a solution to you rproblem, start by clearing the storage and cache of your camera app and see if that makes a difference:
Long-press app icon -> App info -> Storage & cache -> Clear both and reboot your phone

Same problem appears.
One can try default settings and start recording a video at 4K 60fps, record a video with different levels of light like start recording in a dark room and go to natural light during day time. When light intensity changes video recorder gets freeze
We can try same with indoor lighting as well

@Gustav_ASUS In every resolution it is giving problem, so i did hardware test by launching calculator-> .12345+= and test is getting failed so might be hardware issue is there.