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Rog Phone 2 Black screen and power off while Charging

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My Rog phone 2 automatically power off while Charging I face this issue for past 3 days while charging than phone
Then while playing Pubg my mobile temperature is 39° and than phone freez and automatically reboot than device
I can't play a single game properly whith my most awarded game smartphone of the year 2019
After the latest update this typer of issues are happening so please fix those issues
I bought this phone for playing eSports tournament on PUBG Mobile but I can't play a single game properly
Give us a good software update to fix all those issues


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Downgraded to Android 9 and still shutting while charging.

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ivanmania_10, u using tencent rog 2 version ?

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I'll repeat what I said in my earlier post in this thread for newcomers who might have missed it:
If you're frequently running into freeze/restart issues, please visit a local service center and get your device looked at.

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I'm also facing same issue on my ROG Phone2. After two months observation I've fond some Root causes from my perspective for @Gustav_ASUS reference.
This problem was not happen for upgrading OS, because i face this issue before upgrade also.
The problem is Temperature controlling. If temperature get more then 40°C mobile get switched off suddenly. below steps is my observation.
While playing PUBG if temperature crossed 40 °C it's get Shutdown. I've change Temperature control LOW on Armoury Crate -> Game Profile -> Performance. After change this till i haven't face this issue only on while playing PUBG.
While charging phone temperature rapidly in-cress then phone suddenly get Shutdown.
I've face these problem only on day time. Night time I've not face this issue. because night time atmosphere temperature gets low. so phone didn't cross 40 °C temperature .
So these all are my observation, Please take into your road map and please fix this ASAP.

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It's really sad honestly, that ASUS's solution to their garbage thermal setup is by including an external cooling fan, which doesn't do shit anyway.
What's even more sad is that as more of these phones continue to blackout permanently, ASUS is charging people to fix something that is the manufacturer's fault.
I would have continued to support the phone had I received adequate customer service, but because of this ASUS scam I've decided to go with OnePlus, who I've heard rave reviews about.