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Rog Phone 2 Black screen and power off while Charging

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My Rog phone 2 automatically power off while Charging I face this issue for past 3 days while charging than phone
Then while playing Pubg my mobile temperature is 39° and than phone freez and automatically reboot than device
I can't play a single game properly whith my most awarded game smartphone of the year 2019
After the latest update this typer of issues are happening so please fix those issues
I bought this phone for playing eSports tournament on PUBG Mobile but I can't play a single game properly
Give us a good software update to fix all those issues


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ASUS won't be able to resolve an issue that's related to a game.....

If you Google around, you will find other people are getting the same issue and they don't have an ASUS phone:

Issue #1

Issue #2

From a perspective of checking what could potentially the issue be, it's probably worth checking to see the following links as I have tried to suggest it in the past.

Link #1

Link #2

Good Luck!

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Auto switching upon charging and auto restarting when charging of a switch off phone are aint issues related to game i suppose.
i also believe that by keep auto restarting it may possibly bug some of the apps which i have to reinstall like outlook as well as pubG.My phone is okie playing pubG.My problem starts when it charges.
And it seems to charge very slowly these days.

Same problem .. switch off or screen lock while charging.. even if we play in ultimate x mode and record any games the screen keeps blinking and the phone stops working ... Is 855+ such a weak processor or the software updates that asus is providing us is not optimised for this processor..
Fix this problem as soon as possible

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I have same issue. It happen every time when I play PUBG mobile or even Facebook app. I try to update firmware to lastest version, but it isn't working to solve this issue. Please fix this issue.

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I'm having the same problem. If anyone have any solution, please help me

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is asus still working on rog 2 phone shutdown while charging?