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ROG Phone 2 (12/512) Freezes and Auto Restart Problem

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Help... ..,my phone suddenly freezes from time to time especially while playing. (less than 2 hours of playing)
Back, home and recent buttons doesn't work and then auto restarts after 1 min of hung time.
Settings are mostly default (60 hz refresh rate, X-mode off, system lighting off) but still builds up heat fast even after only 1 game of asphalt.
Thinking of going to Factory Reset the phone or try to actually ask the ROG concept store to replace the unit of the problem still exist.

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Happy to confirm that after factory reset everything seems to be ok.
Barclays app still crushes after 2mins of using but thats a different story. No more random switching off! Yeaaaaa!

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I will send you a private message with our log tool and instructions on how to use it so we can determine if you have a software or hardware issue

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Hi @Anders_ASUS can you provide me the tool so i can check the reason why my phone always shutdown itself when playing games.

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I also have the same problem where my phone shuts off when I charge it and freeze while gaming too. But now I'm facing an even bigger problem where my phone is completely frozen and unresponsive. Can't shut it off to restart or reboot, Power button not responding at all, nor was the screen too. It had been unresponsive for nearly 3 hours now and I don't know what to do. Is there any ways to reboot ROG2??? This phone is becoming more and more problematic as days pass by and I can't even go out to have it fixed.

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Press power + volume down. I recommend a factory reset and if it doesn't improve the situation, then once the lock down is over, take it to a service center

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I have ghoust issues can you please tell is it soft ware or hard ware iissuees


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If it's always like this, then I would say hardware

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@koi & @mayankbajpai90 I need your help to troubleshoot this issue. I've sent you both a private message (envelope in top right corner) containing a log tool and instructions on how to proceed. Thank you!

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ROG 2: I am facing similar issue. My phone switches off during gaming. It started while playing Aspha it used to happen while playing COD & PUBG also. It randomly shuts down all of a sudden.
Tried Android 10, Roll back to 9, factory reset everything. but problem is still there. Can't play any game it's so annoying to have a gaming phone worth 40k and can't play any game.
Due to lockdown as I can't send to service centre as well. I don't think this is a software issue as it is happening in all games. I have even taken games out of armory crate and played still it goes off during 10-15 mins of gaming.