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Reset ROG 2 to android 9

Star I
Hey guys, im a new rog 2 user i bought it mainly to play pubgm since i'm a competitive player. After the upgrade to android 10 my game has alot of fps issues which makes it unplayable for me in high level competitive games, is there any way to reset the phone to android 9, thank you in advance.

Star II
I would like to know also if we can flash back to a9.
Having problems playing pubg that I never had before I updated.

Hall of Fame III
Please try and reinstall PUBG first. I doubt that A10 is the reason why you experience lag in PUBG

Star I
Hey, @Anders_ASUS I have tried reinstalling pubg, even reseting the whole phone and settings but the lag is still there, the fps drops are major from 60 to 20-30 in seconds..