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Quick Data Switch Tile

Star I
This phone is supposed to be a gaming phone and with the multiplayer games of today, Connectivity and maintaining ping is very important. The networks in India and world-over have improved in terms of data speeds however stability and ping maintenance has high importance in games today and the same can never be promised by wireless data networks due to multiple variables like Congestion, Coverage etc. Hence i think ASUS needs to make sure it develops and includes the Quick Data Switch facility. Like the OxygenOS from OnePlus has a Data Sim Switch Quick Tile Asus should atleast have that if not anything better in its ROG-UI or in the Armoury Crate or most importantly in its Game Genie sidebar. Currently if there is a network issue then the user has to go out of the game to SIM Settings in the Settings app and change the data sim to Sim1/Sim2 and that becomes extremely cumbersome and inconvenient during intense situations when in game.

Star II
Please provide quick data switch tile

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Thanks! We will suggest this to our devs

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Thank You Asus for getting this done. @Anders_ASUS