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Pubg and call of duty games crashing alot after android 10 update

Rising Star I
Earlier this problem was with codm battle royal only but noww this problem is happening with pubg and frontline match of codm.. aometimes I felt freeze screen in net surfing too.. and all this happening alot after A10 update l.. any help regarding this or I made ybig mistake purchasing asus rog 2 phone or u guys have any solution for this .. and it's not beta version here's some proof


Rising Star I

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Reinstall the games you have issues with.
In mobile manager, press clean memory, after this you can set up super clean. Enable as many apps as possible for super clean (notifications from the apps you enable will be affected). Now, every time you press "clear all" in recent apps overview, it will force close those apps.
Don't clear your apps right before you enter a game (wait at least 30 seconds) since some apps like to auto-restart which will cause a temporary CPU workload.