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[PSA] Take caution - Tencent-branded Chinese models with "Global/International ROM"

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Hi all

We have come to notice there are resellers selling the so-called "Tencent ROG Phone II"-models for the Chinese market with "International ROM".

We would like to make clear that ASUS does not officially sell any Tencent-branded ROG Phone II with so called "International ROM" or "Global firmware".
We cannot guarantee the functionality of this combination , if you are facing any type of issues - please turn to your reseller where you bought this device - as this is is not a combination we are selling.

Please also take careful note that updates/FOTA functionality will be disabled since the ROM and the models dont match, some resellers note this in the fine-print.. some may not..

Extra info:
If you are seeing anything about a "Global ROM version" or "Tencent with Global/WW ROM" it would be a clear giveaway.
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It is indeed a problem..

Aviv - can you contact me , it seems you know how to fix this situation .. I am too, stuck with the 1906 ww rom....

My cell is 0549981175.. from Israel too.

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I think not asus problem buy a device for non official asus resseler with modified firmware, this is a problem of seller.

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For you that have bought Tencent version, download "Device Info HW" from playstore. Under the system tab, make sure that "description" and "fingerprint" has the same system, ie. WW or CN. If they are different you can try XDA forum or Youtube.

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Dear all, i HAVE CN version 8/128 which i was changed to WW Rom(WW-16.0631.1910.35) without any issues. Now questions is, i can't see my 5Ghz band on my router i able to see only 2.4Ghz. This phone doesn't support 5Ghz wifi?

Thank you

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Asus should have offered, and still can, also the 8/128 international version. Not many people can afford to pay 900 USD for a phone. This would have prevented many problems to customers who bought the Tencent version because that was the version they could afford. It was also not clear on the internet that Tencent version would have problems outside of China. Otherwise people would not buy it. The lack of LTE bands in the Chinese version was also not emphasized enough. the international version owners have no bugs and they are very pleased with the phone. Every question they have is immediately answered. Every customer should have the same level of experience and satisfaction with the product. Asus now has the chance to create a significant customer base for phones. Rog phone 2 is a product many want. But with all these problems that great opportunity might be missed. Customers who bought the phone in good faith and now being left on disposal of dealers will have a bitter taste in their mouths. I understand Asus cannot control dealers but loud and clear campaigns could have been taken to make sure people understand that Tencent version would only work properly in China.