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Please help

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Hello there,

I used to be a huge fan of ROG phone 2 and this is what I get. It’s been a while that I started to report in the forum regarding the issue that I’m facing and I even tried other ways to get help but I couldn’t find any. Asus live chat support doesn’t work for people outside of U.S. ?? Why?? I regret buying this phone for real.
So let me brief what happened,

The phone was completely working fine for past 4months, recently the phone started crashing, not while I was playing games but when I was using the phone normally. I did create a post before this regarding that issue and I didn’t get any proper response from your side. I myself figured out that the phone was crashing down when it was not in X-Mode. So I started keeping the phone on X mode always. and it’s just been 3days since something worse started happening. I used to do live stream through ROG PHONE II. and for the past 3days my phone was crashing down every time I opened Omlet arcade to stream. I was thinking the issue was with Omlet arcade so I uninstalled the app. And played a few times it was all good for a day. Yesterday it happened to crash again. So I made a report here again. And someone asked me to either give my phone to the nearby asus service centre or do factory reset. Well I’m in the Middle East, and there’s no mobile dealership for Asus here so I did a factory reset hoping that it’ll fix the issue. But nope, and today the new android 10 update came for the phone so I updated the phone and was expecting everything to be fine. But instead the games started working so bad, framedrops and game freezing issues. I need help, I want to know how can I get this sorted out.

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I can send you instructions on how to log your device if you're up for it. Let me know and I'll send you a PM.

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What's actual problem..?
But when ..?