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New update WW_17.0230.2004.60 available!

Zen Master I
Version: WW_17.0230.2004.60
Model: ROG Phone II (ZS660KL)
Release Date: 05/13/2020

1. Enabled randomized MAC feature for WIFI connections
2. Fixed issue where occasionally video playback would freeze
3. Fixed issue causing sound value reverting to default when user insert a headset, adjust the bass value in AudioWizard and answering a call.
4. Fixed the issue where the screen refresh rate in Quick settings is not grayed out when opening a game app
5. Fixed issue where app would crash if user press the back key when replying email with GMail in tablet mode with DT Dock
6. Fixed video search issue on Game Genie
7. Fixed APP Lock function issue
8. Fixed Settings crash issue in French localization
9. Fixed occasional splash screen issue

Zen Master I
I'm very disappointed, I've reported so many issues and improvements, they haven't looked into any of those.

Zen Master I

Samsung has promised to support gestures on 3rd party launchers in its android 10 devices. Asus it's time to do something.



Please add gesture support for 3rd party launchers
Not added

I want to use the macro function of the armory crate to simulate intervalometer operation on camera. But it seems we cannot add the default camera app to game library.


Very frustrating, first Loads of bugs in os and now this. Please take care of this in the next update. @Anders_ASUS @LP_ASUS @ch810099@CH_ASUS

Why can't I add the camera app to game library ?
Not added


While playing games , people are implicitly looking at the screen , there is no need to pause game music and play ringtone instead. Secondly, even if the cross(X) is pressed, the game music doesnot resume until the call is over.

@Anders_ASUS please look into this matter. "It's the subtlety that makes all the difference in the world"

A suggested improvement to call during game play
Not added

While closing armoury crate, even thought I'm selecting always, the option always pops up.


Problem with permanent selection of launcher
Still exists



Actual :


This page is only partially loading :


Some UI bugs discovered
Still exists
@Anders_ASUS no point in reporting if nobody takes care of these.

Zen Master I
One Man

They are not Fixing bug yet 😂 u sad because of they r not adding ur suggestions lol

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Many of my posts are bug reports , atleast take care of those lol