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My rog phone 2 is dead

Rising Star I
So I'm gonna tell you everything from the start, when I updated my rog 2 then the device was heating so much and I couldn't play games, This was faced by all the Rog 2 users, then I red a thread and by following the steps and downgraded my rog 2 to Android 9, I downgraded it on 26 sep and from 27 sep onwards again the device was heating so much, screen blacking out and charging problems even on android 9😭🥺
Now I upgraded again to a10 and updated the fix then also its heating so much, please help please:(


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Posting this via my old Galaxy S8+ as my ROG Phone 2 which was working 30 minutes ago with 70%+ battery is now unresponsive, even after being plugged into the charger. No RGB, no response from lock button, nothing on the screen.

Any ideas on what to do now?

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Hold power button and see if that works. If not then i suggest you to get it to service center asap before your warranty runs out.

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Please update us if its fixed yet or if service center asked for any charges to fix your phone. Thanks