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Mobile Desktop Dock for ROG Phone 2

Star I
Please add a feature to turn off display on ROG Phone 2 while docking to the monitor.
It's because to avoid issue on LCD for long gaming session.
I recently need to replace a new LCD display because of this.
Please note that I was gaming using dock in a room of 24c ambient temperature with a 30w fan blew directly to the phone.
(It's really cold, trust me).
Temperature should not be a problem at current state.
Yet, it still happens.

My ROG Phone 2 has only two months warranty left, and I'm afraid it might happened again in the near future.
LCD replacement is really expensive in my place. It cost more than 1k bucks.
Please consider this suggestion.
There's no point leaving phone display turning on while my eyes are focusing on monitor instead.

Thank you very much, sir.

Community Legend III
@Roshidi Thanks for your feedback, I'll pass it on. 👍