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Mobile dekstop dock problem in a few game

Star I
Helloo ....
I love mobile dekstop dock soooo much, cause i'm PC gamer and my hand always have sweat and very wet, so this mobile dekstop dock is the best accessories for me
But have a little bit problem i get when i using this and i hope Will get fix
1. When play pubg i cant use freelook, but i use Moba key mapping its works but still a little bit unconfortable but in codm freelooks works properly so i Dunno its mdd problem or game problem
2. Sometimes the direction of key and analog not sync, for example i press W for going forward but sometimes its not going forward, its going to a little bit left or right so its like i press W and A on the same time or W and D in the same time
3. Sometimes mouse cant move camera when i press maybe 4 key in the same time ( when i play pubg )
4. I hope Asus give us key mapping sheet, for example, codm have 2 mode, battle royal game and deatchmatch game, and the key mapping is different for each mode, so if i wanna play another mode i need to change key mapping again, i hope Asus give us key mapping sheet like key mapping 1 and key mapping 2, or key mapping 3, so if i wanna play death match i use sheet keymapping 1, and then if i wanna play battleroyale what i need to do just change to sheet key mapping 2 so its easier than change key mapping everytime we change mode inside game
I hope this is gonna be good idea for next update i really love mobile dekstop dock and i love Asus too
So thats all i can tell for now
Thank you
Big love from me for Asus