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Let's talk about asus rog phone 2 after Android 10..

Star III
So, i bought asus rog 2 but I can't recommend to this anyone.
Hardware is awesome
But software sucks
Previously i had sony xperia, samsung and i have used oneplus phone..these phone have great software without any bug
Asus zenui sucks. Even developers doesn't care about it...they don't update their own apps
These are the problems with software
1. Contact and dialler Ui are garbage old fashined. Previously they had background image in dialler but they replace it with ugly color
2. Casting has no resolution option.
3. After A10 back button behaving like home button instead of going back it always go to home
4. Dual audio can be implemented for bluetooth 5.0
5. No customisation
6. Outdated asus app with 0 customisation
7. Display changes its color automatically
8. After A10 wakeup screen for new notifications problem. Its wakes phone at almost low brightness.
9. Boring lock screen doesn't support any widget
10. After a10 while playing music lock screen shows blurred album art
11. There is no wifi calling
Sorry to say but u should learn from samsung and one plus for software
If u guys wants to be in competition
I'm not gonna buy again asus for its software
Hope u will listen..

Zen Master I
1. Can you show me a new fashion dialer from any other brand so that even I get the knowledge about how a new one looks.
3. Never happened to anyone even when we were beta testing till now no such issue has been reported by anyone.
5. Can you elaborate.
6. Which apps can you specify.
7. Are you talking about the variation in colour when you are in low brightness vs high brightness.
9. Which OEM has widget support for lockscreen ? Just asking because I have seen only custom roms suporting that feature as of now.
10. That is the default android 10 behaviour as we were told while beta testing. As such it cannot be changed.
I think we all came from zenUI for android 9 that we expected a lot from android 10 but we must also see that we were already told that most features of stock will be used and a lot of them lack customisation.
Ex - gesture navigation in 9 was way better imo but it was their own implementation. This time around they chose to go with Google's own implementation that's the difference and I think that's the reason people are not gonna like this new OS update.

Star I
Was very much excited to get this phone hands initially but I seriously regret due to its OS and bugs. Very limited customisation options dumb developers could learn something from MIUI, Samsung or Open plus. I'm seriously pissed of not using Full screen guestures navigation which just disappeared after update. I know it's by default disabled for 3rd party launcher but how did MIUI got it enabled for 3rd party launchers after 10 update... Pls grow up to stay in market I'm definitely not gonna buy asus for its OS and dev team

No video calling option for jio users, I used it on my moto z2play easily.

No video calling option for jio users, I used it on my moto z2play easily.

Star I
Only one indacat show on update option but no update file ...On ota update