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Let's talk about asus rog phone 2 after Android 10..

Star III
So, i bought asus rog 2 but I can't recommend to this anyone.
Hardware is awesome
But software sucks
Previously i had sony xperia, samsung and i have used oneplus phone..these phone have great software without any bug
Asus zenui sucks. Even developers doesn't care about it...they don't update their own apps
These are the problems with software
1. Contact and dialler Ui are garbage old fashined. Previously they had background image in dialler but they replace it with ugly color
2. Casting has no resolution option.
3. After A10 back button behaving like home button instead of going back it always go to home
4. Dual audio can be implemented for bluetooth 5.0
5. No customisation
6. Outdated asus app with 0 customisation
7. Display changes its color automatically
8. After A10 wakeup screen for new notifications problem. Its wakes phone at almost low brightness.
9. Boring lock screen doesn't support any widget
10. After a10 while playing music lock screen shows blurred album art
11. There is no wifi calling
Sorry to say but u should learn from samsung and one plus for software
If u guys wants to be in competition
I'm not gonna buy again asus for its software
Hope u will listen..

Rising Star II
True story.
Need to improve software

Rising Star II
Surprise that the navigation bar become like that..

Rising Star I
agree. they should learn from other phone manufacturers about softwares

Star III
I agree!! I've been beta testing A10 for ROG2 for a while now, but even the final doesn't have many new things!!
There is no VoWiFi enabled too!!
But I feel battery life is much better and animations are smother!