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Issue kunai gamepad EU

Star III
hi guys, I have recently received the EU kunai gamepad and I immediately found 2 serious problems
1. on shadowgun leggend that connects gamepads with the bumper the commands don't work, go late or get stuck making it impossible to play

2. if you set the keys on the screen for games that do not support controllers, the analog for the movements loses gradual movements making the game frustrating

Hall of Fame III
Thank you, I don't know in which FW this happened but I will send your feedback to our devs

Rising Star II
I have a kunai gamepad and I don't have these issues, controller version 1.3.8.

Hall of Fame III
We found the issue and it will be fixed with GamePad v1.3.9

Star II
I have issue in kunai gamepad and handheld mode which you can only use 1 button on the right controller when you use 2 buttons at the same time. I tried it in different games and emulator. Using 2 buttons at the same time but only 1 function. I tried using all buttons but they're working fine. Using only at 2 or more buttons at the same time have the issue. Please help me. My version is in the image.