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Improvements I have noticed after latest update( 18th April) on Rog phone 2

Rising Star II
Hi Guys!
Today I got the latest update for my Rog phone 2.
After the update I have noticed a lot improvements which were not mentioned in the change log.
1. VoWifi is enabled. Thanks Asus!
2. Heating issue is gone. Maximum temp. I get without x mode is 37°c.
3. Battery life is improved. Will observe for next couple of days.
4. COD black screen issue is solved. I don't know Asus did something or game developers did. I did played for more than 1 hours and didn't face this problem anymore.
5. Security patch was updated to Feb. I know it's not the latest.
If anyone noticed any other improvements plz share. Thanks!

Great work. Asus!


Rising Star II

1. Is the PUBG game issue fixed?

2. Is the gboard reopening again while typing anything for the first time on goggle search fixed?

3. Brave browser just hangs while browsing, is it fixed?

4. Scrolling is worse in Android 10, is it fixed?

5. The Google maps application just hangs , dosen't scroll in Android 10, is it fixed in this update?

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Few users said that their Pubg issue was resolved after the update.
And A10 scrolling issue is still there. Google or Asus needs to fix this.

Rising Star II

I don't have the wifi calling even after the update

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How do you manage to update? And what is your current firmware version?

Rising Star II

I downloaded this one . Will it cause any faults cuz I didn't see wifi calling option in mine .


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Have you upgraded to the latest firmware manually?
Check the setting
Settings-> Network and Internet-> Call-> Wifi calling

Zen Master I
I updated manually,but I don't have wifi calling feature,pls help

Star III

My phone disconnects itself from my bluetooth headset after 2-3 minutes of inactivity.

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Ohh ok.... I've downgraded from a10 to a9 a few days ago and I've same issue in a9... That means it's not a10 issue.... It has something related to bt services.... Not that much annoying for me... Already dealing with it.... But happens randomly.. Not everytime