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Global warranty and update for 512/12

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The rog phone 2 512/12gb is supposed to be a global phone? Will this global version update in India if bought in the U. S? And is the warranty valid in India if bought in the U.S?

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Thanks .

Any idea about update? Can a 512 brought in the USA be updated in India?

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It can be updated in India, but it won't have local warranty coverage there. You can find the manual firmware downloads here.

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I think the warranty is valid only in the country of purchase but i maybe wrong @Anders_ASUS maybe you can better answer this.

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I have bought the phone in US to Canada and heard that it should be ok for me. But I still want a proper "Yes" or "No"

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I wanted to get a global model ahead of the release date in Singapore but ended up waiting for a local set...since Asus Singapore does not cover Global warranty but only local..

ASUS Warranty Service
so I am guessing from this, it is a no ?
Don't take my word for it and I may not be right about it.
Just sharing

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In general ASUS has local warranty only. A phone bought in the US will have warranty in north America (US & Canada). I'm not sure about what applies to a phone bought inside EU (you may check with local ASUS Support) but in general, ASUS has local warranty only.