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Gesture navigation not working with 3rd party launchers on stable 10

Star II
Hello devs, amazing job on the update, love it so far.
I just wanted to bring these issues to light. Can u please make it so we can use gesture navigation using 3rd party launchers like nova? This is what i miss most from my experience in pie.
Or if for some reason that isnt possible, can u make the stock launcher more customizable? Like icon packs and all? I really am conflicted in using nova or using gesture, when i could use both in pie.
Also could u look into this severe battery drain? It feels way more rapid for some reason.

Star II
I'm also using nova launcher as my default launcher so bringing back gesture navigation would be great.
I'm not saying i don't like the stock launcher (its fast) but i miss some customisations. .... Like status bar hiding,icon packs.... So i agree, more options would be great to.
Also I'm feeling the battery draining too. I didn't change a thing after the update (same settings on A9).

Rising Star II
Google has restricted this nothing with asus

Star I
BS. Google added third party launchers 6 months ago. It's Asus who don't want nor care to take these commits and add them.

Star II
If they wanted they Asus would have added it a long ago. They want users to get used to their launcher. So use it as it is no other option left or you can downgrad to A9 and use it. I really miss those customizations a lot. But now doesn't have any other option.