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Game (pubg) is lagging after update of Android 10

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After updating android 10 my phone is not running normally I am a youtuber content creator I used to record games but after update of Android 10 on my ROG phone 2 I can't be able to record because PUBG game is lagging very much although my internet is perfect please optimise your phone. is it gaming phone ? I don't think so .the game is very mauch rendering during fight (in PUBG ) I am not going to buy any product of asus in future I think you guys scammed us ? please fix this problem as soon as possible ( I am getting hundreds of comment per day regarding this on my YouTube channel)

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For Pubg lag, u need to format your mobile. After updating to Android 10, many people including me faced the same issue. But after formatting the mobile, lag issue was fixed.

Star II
I formatted my phone but the phone is still lagging

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@Anders_ASUS i did factory reset my phone but but still frames are dropping and lagging (my internet is perfect) in PUBG mobile . I am really disappointed with A10 help me plzz @Anders_ASUS ?

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I bought this phone for smooth playing pubg , it was working perfect to me before update 10 , but not anymore , full of lag , specially when team is near me , i used repair many time for pubg and changed cpu setting many time but still same issue , fix this problem , release emergency update now , dont let us feel sorry for buying ur phone

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Guys please try maxing out all the settings in Pubg Scenario Profiles, this way I am not getting any frame drops even when I hotdrop or enemies are near me. Remember X mode ultimate and high temperature are a max. It would heat a lot though 45-48 degree Celsius for me.
I do agree in default mode it is not as smooth as it was in A9, but that could be Pubg issue too.
I request you to try this and if this still doesn't work please let @Anders_ASUS know.
P.S. - I always play on HDR+Extreme+Anti-Aliasing ON.