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DTS audio is not getting enabled automatically

Rising Star II
Hello team,
DTS audio is not working properly. Everytime, I have to open the audio wizard and select any audio mode (eg. Rock) when I play music with any music player. Could you provide solution for this issue.


Rising Star II

I tried without luck replicating the issue using spotify. Are you using BT headphones. Does it happen all the time and right away?

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Wired headphones...i used Amazon prime music and hungama music app. Also make sure to quit audio wizard after you select a mode... Select a mode while listening songs...quit the audio wizard..ask someone to call you .once call is over listen to same song you will notice DTS x mode is you have to go again to audio wizard , click custom to reactivate

Rising Star II
Yes I use Wired headphone, I missed to mention this in my previous note.

Star II
i too face this issue. i have to open audio wizard and select the effect to apply it. this issue happens if i play music after long time(few hours) or if i answer a call inbetween.

Zen Master II
In my case it was off by factory. First time I plugged in my headphones I have enabled it, set to WIDE and since then it stays on all the time.

Rising Star II
It is still happening for me. @Anders_ASUS Do you have any update?