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Does Asus give FREE BATTERY REPLACEMENT for In-Warranty phones sent for Screen Replacement?

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I had Screen Burn-In issue on my ROG II phone, which was 9 months old (Small blurry spot began to appear on screen)
Model Name: ZS660KL-1A017IN
Firmware Version:WW_17.0240.2007.27_0
Rooted or not: Not rooted.
Asus Service Centre guys in Delhi took a week to replace the screen & now issue is settled (Obviously covered under warranty). Good 👏🏼
However, on receiving phone, I noticed NIL history in Battery history. I charged battery to full. Now I notice less battery % decrease.
Previously, whenever I charged phone in recent weeks, it quickly went from 100% to 99% in 1st minute & gradually decreased. Performance was good though.
I think Asus has also replaced old battery with new, which is a good thing anyway.
Anybody has knowledge on this? Needed clarification.


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You may call up the service center and check for the parts changed.