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Audio quality over headphone jack


This problem seems not appearing in the forum at all so i posted this new thread.
Does anyone have any issues with the audio quality with headphones over 3,5 mm headphone jack?
Any headphone i checked (Beyerdynamics Custom One Pro, DT 770 Pro, included Asus Earbuds, In-Ear Phones by LG) - the audio quality is terrible. Let me try to explain what i hear:
Every time in the music song loud parts appear the phone regulate the overall loudness down and when a quiet part comes the phone correct it somehow up... Which sounds very Weird cause there is a delay in this... So the song sounds like crap.
I tried to get used to it but no. Every time for e.g. the Refrain stops and a verse comes, the music volume drops and rises weird...


Rising Star II
Open audio wizard and click the small headphone icon on top right. Click headphone effects to on and headphone profiles> overhead headphones to general

This makes things worse. I tried it and it sounds muffled on all my tested headphones. I tried all 'effects'. But it's just an software overlay. Nothing that really brings the raw music into the headphones.

Anybody a solution yet or the same problem?

Zen Master II
I have Bowers & Wilkins P5 wired. I have put the output to "traditional" and selected the model from the list and also adjust the listening profile. Than I go to custom profile and play around with the equaliser. I am satisfied with results. My reference in portable players is Pono. This is not Pono level but it sounds much better than any of the 4 Samsungs I have in the house.