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Asus ROG phone 2 bugs

Please make sure to fix these bugs:
* Fingerprint sensor doesn't work properly sometimes
* I'm unable to receive normal text messages (like OTP, verifications)
*Message app force closes Everytime
* Need an update for camera


Rising Star I
Today my rog phone 2,restart in use of google pay.

First time happen for me. Anyone already With this bug?

Rising Star I

Can you describe more about the Twin App "make the same account"? WhatsApp account or Google Account? Generally you'd want your Google Account the same , but whatsapp account different (using the 2nd phone number or whatever)

Not sure what you mean by one way, but Call recorder works to record both parties in a phone call.

Which version and FW of the phone do you have?

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Replied to your questions, but yet to hear anything else from you?

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I am joining. Call Recorder lets say I write my phone conversation when I talk via Bluetooth in my car. With the built-in voice recorder, I can’t record my conversation that goes through Bluetooth in the car! This is damn annoying!

Rising Star I
Is it possible to add a Anti-shake to main camera?
My camera is jumping when i take photos,but the photos is great.

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Hi i am new here so i have a problem
like to know if it is a known problem on the rog 2 that with wifi ik get my message on my phone even if the screen protector is on. But if i put my phone on the phone data (NOT ON WIFI ) i dont get anything more. If so what can i do
I did a lot and do not now what i can do else