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Asus Rog phone 2 Android 10 issues

Star III
There are a lot of things that changed my phone's experience after the A10 update.
1. The phone now overheats while charging using the 30 Watt adapter as well as 18 Watt adapter.
2. Gaming performance reduced a lot specifically Pubg where frame drops and desync is now. Becoming a normal behaviour, checked the wifi and it's stable. The phone overheats while keeping the graphic settings to High, anti- aliasing also was disabled.
3. Ran Geekbench score after updating to A10 and see my score, you will be shocked and it even lists below One plus 6.
I am reporting these issues within not even a week of upgrade but this is important to report as this phone is still with a lot of bugs after updating to Android 10


Star II
Has anyone found a fix on the overheating issue while charging? It didn't help when downgrading to A9.

Star I
crashing of games is becoming frequent nkw

Star I
Mine ROG 2 is the Tencent/Chinese version and I have no issues, one big difference I have noticed, the battery lasts about 30% longer.

Star II
Guys, to all of you having problems with A10 I recommend to make a factory reset and try to uninstall apps like Facebook and such.
I have the 128gb version, I live in Switzerland and I bought my phone almost a month ago now.
Android 10 update arrived like a week ago and I'm not having any problems.

Star I
There are many positive updates with A10 obviously but I'm facing some serious problems which was not there in A9 and because of which I made the decision of buying rog phone 2. The problems I'm facing in A10 are :
1. Battery drain issue - my phone used to last 2 days with normal usage while on A9 but now in A10 it lasts hardly 1 day with same usage (very disappointing even after having 6k mah battery)
2. Face id unlock was way better and smoother even in low light conditions that I used to flaunt, it has been degraded now.
3. Gaming performance reduced, doesn't feel like 120 fps, though it feels better in home screen and app menu, but while in games, it sucks.
4. Overheating issues.
I request rog and asus team to kindly help us solve these problems asap with another update so that we can continue our trust on rog phones.
Thank you. Regards
Akshay Sharma (ROG PHONE 2 USER)