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Asus Launcher - Unable to set a different Home Screen

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I recently updated to Android 11 and noticed that my main Home Screen is no longer my center apps screen. Whenever I press the Home button, it always brings me to my leftmost apps screen. There's no 'Home' icon for me to assign as the Home Screen, after a long press on the empty spaces on my screens.
Is there anyway to set a different Home Screen on the Asus Launcher? Or is it now restricted to the leftmost screen due to the Android 11 upgrade?
(ZS660KL - Build RKQ1.200710.002.WW_Phone-18.0210.2201.215 - Not Rooted - Happens persistently)

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@JohnDoe Yup, that's the default behavior for A11 ROG UI.

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@Gustav_ASUS Thanks for the response! It's a bit disappointing to hear but atleast I know that I didn't mess up my settings.

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